Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Journey to Lhasa

I'm off in a few hours to Tibet for a month. Unfortunately the Great Firewall of China tends to block all blogger stuff so there won't be any posting.

If you want to see what I'll be seeing check out the set of pics from last year. It covers pretty much the same places: Chengdu, Lhasa, the road to Mt Kailash, the astonishing Guge Kingdom ruins, the kora around the Holy Mountain, Lake Manasarovar, then the road back to Lhasa via Gyantse, Shigatse, and Everest Base Camp. The last couple shots are of Kathmandu.




Anonymous said...

hi. I just found your blog today and i've been reading it instead of work this morning. You have some great adventures in Taiwan, the last place I expect to be hiking in!

Jon and I live in Oceanside, CA and we just started hiking/backpacking 2 years ago, few times in the desert/ mountains, and backpacking trips with friends in the Sequoias. We are in decent shape; we run and train for a couple of marathons per year. Jon’s parents live in Taiwan and we wish to go on a hiking trip while we are back visiting. I have never been outside the cities in Taiwan. We are thinking we will be over around Feb or March and will head out for perhaps 2-4 days. Do you have any recommendations? There is the obvious Yushan but which route? Or is it too rainy to backpack? Are there any hiking groups you are familiar with? Any pointers will help… or if you are organizing something at that time, we’d love to join too~


Jeni – jeniyo@hotmail.com / Jennifer@feimarketing.com

Robert Scott Kelly said...

Hi Jennifer,

Yes, it is amazing that so many people still aren't aware that Taiwan is a top hiking destination. Hence the blog. ;)

I would forget about Yushan as it is really hard to get permits these days and it's becoming a bit like the Fuji of Taiwan: too many people and a little too comfortable.

Snow Mountain (the second highest peak) is easier to get permits for, but is actually the more beautiful and pure of the two. There are many options too for different peaks to hit. It's also only 3.5 hours to drive to Wuling Farm, the start of the trail.

You can also consider Jiaming Lake off the South Cross Island Hwy, especially if you can go mid-week. The scenary is outstanding and you only need a police permit which you can pick up at the trailhead. Plus you'll get to drive the gorgeous South Cross Hwy as a bonus.

If you are looking for a guided tour check out Barking Deer, whose website I link to on the homepage.